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My Morning Routine with Gabriela Nicol

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on

Gabriela is a nutritionist, helping to improve peoples health and lifestyle by following a Paleo and Keto diet. She also posts inspiring fitness content and nutrition advice on her socials. We interviewed Gabriela as we...

My Morning Routine with Katie Davies

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
Katie Davies is a former UK national athlete and an international personal trainer. She currently lives in Mexico and is co-owner of the Tulum Jungle Gym. We interviewed Katie to find out more about her journey and her inspiring content that is an influence to us and her thousands of followers.

Boost your Mood with Reishi Mushrooms

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
Reishi mushrooms? Reishi mushrooms, otherwise known as Lingzhi are the modern-day solution to tiredness, fatigue and stress. So, why not try something new today? The health benefits: Reishi mushrooms include molecules, which have advantageous health effects, such as...

5 Tips for Living in the Moment

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
5 Tips for living in the moment: We all like to look forward to the future and plan for fun times ahead, but sometimes it is important to enjoy the present and indulge in the moment. Here are 5 helpful tips on being present...

Boost your Immune System with Chaga Mushrooms

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
What are Chaga mushrooms? Grown in the northern hemisphere, chaga mushrooms are all the new rave! Many eastern countries use them for health benefits, but now the western world wants to tap into having a mushroom that can fight inflammation, high blood pressure and boosts the immune system...

The Benefits of Collagen

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
What is collagen? I’ve always heard people say, “collagen is great for the skin” and many other things, but until I researched the protein, I didn’t fully know how beneficial collagen is. Many people always hear, like me, how wholesome collagen is for the body, but not many know about the many advantageous effects...

The Tapping Solution - The Power of Letting Go of Negative Energy and Anxiety

Posted by Chris Baker on

I was walking out of one of my favourite restaurants.. (The Post Ranch Inn, Big Sur, California.) When I bumped into a certain gentleman...  "I know who you are! Your Russel Brand!  "No I am...

What are Adaptogens?

Posted by Chris Baker on

Adaptogens help your body deal with stress and anxiety. Found in mushrooms and herbs, they are called adaptogens because of their rare ability to "adapt" to help your body and mind perform at its best....

Finding your Ikigai

Posted by Chris Baker on

One thing I am learning about Ikigai is seen as the convergence of four primary elements: - What you love (your passion)- What the world needs (your mission)- What you are good at (your vocation)- What...