A collection of healthy adaptogens
What are Adaptogens?

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Adaptogens help your body deal with stress and anxiety.

Found in mushrooms and herbs, they are called adaptogens because of their rare ability to "adapt" to help your body and mind perform at its best. Sounds pretty magical right...

Adaptogens and their Benefits

Adaptogen Potential Benefits
American ginseng Boosts memory
Ashwagandha  Reduces stress and anxiety
Astragalus  Combats fatigue
Cordyceps  Boosts stamina
Goji berry  Boosts energy 
Eluethero root  Improves focus and staves off mental fatigue
Jiaogulan  Reduces stress and boosts endurance
Licorice root  Reduces stress
Rhodiola rosea  Staves off physical and mental fatigue
Schisandra berry/Magnolia berry  Boosts endurance, mental performance, and working capacity
Tulsi/Holy basil Reduces stress-related anxiety
Turmeric  Boosts brain function and reduces depression

How to get your adaptogens? 

We made it easier than swallowing pills or sprinkling on powders to your salad. 

One 30g gram serving of Plant Protein+ by No Ordinary Moments comes with 825mg of mushrooms and adaptogens! And it's super delicious if we are allowed to say so ourselves :) 

For Focus: Organic Lion's Mane

For Endurance: Organic Cordyceps 

For Mood, Mental health, and Immune Support: Organic Reishi

For Inflammation: Organic Chaga 

A delicious all-in-one supercharged smoothie

A delicious Plant Protein+ chocolate smoothie

We call this The Classic One - as it is our go-to, and super simple to make to start the day or after your workout. Takes no longer than 60 seconds to make. 

  • 30g Plant Protein+
  • 100ml water
  • 100ml m*lk
  • 3 ice cubes
  • Your favourite fruit (banana, mango or apple)


  • 10g of anti-inflammatory lean protein from Hemp, Pumpkin, and Chia Seed protein sources. 
  • 825mg of Adaptogens and Mushrooms to help fight anxiety, boost stamina, energy, and focus. 
  • 8g of fibre to help with gut digestion 
  • Organic, Vegan, Paleo, Gluten and Grain Free. 

Plant Protein+ is a delicious all-in-one protein blend to develop a lean and toned physique and lose excess body fat. Whilst boosting your energy, increasing your productivity, and focus to fuel your greatest journey.

A complete blend of organic anti-inflammatory protein, collagen, nootropics, superfoods, and adaptogens.

Giving your body the natural energy it needs get through your work outs and work days.

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