Mushroom Tinctures
    Flow Lion's Mane Mushroom Tincture
    Mushroom Tinctures - No Ordinary Moments
    Mushroom Tinctures - No Ordinary Moments
    Mushroom Tinctures
    Mushroom Tinctures
    Mushroom Tinctures
    Flow Lion's Mane Mushroom Tincture
    Mushroom Tinctures - No Ordinary Moments
    Mushroom Tinctures - No Ordinary Moments
    Mushroom Tinctures
    Mushroom Tinctures

    Dual-extracted tinctures 

    Dual-extracted mushroom tinctures 

    Elevate your day with
    functional mushrooms 

    Unlock the power of your favourite mushrooms.

    A few drops directly under the tongue or in your drink—does the trick.

    • Organic
    • Grown sustainably in the UK
    • Potent extraction
    • 50 servings per 50ml bottle

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1:2.5 Strength

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100% Fruiting Bodies

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Dual-extracted Mushrooms

Quick, versatile and easy to use!

Take a few drops every day


Add Flow and Energy to your morning ritual. Drop into your coffee, tea or overnight oats!


Take Defend or Renew at any time to revitalise and protect your mind and body.


Unwind into your evening with Chill. Put on calming music on and prepare for a great night's sleep.

Meet your mushrooms

Meet your mushrooms

Lion's Mane 

Find your Flow

Take for:

Mental clarity & energy

Zen-like focus

Tapping into your creativity

Your brain's best friend! Amplify focus, memory, and mental clarity with nature nootropic.

Lion's mane mushroom tincture flow by no ordinary moments
Lion's mane mushroom tincture flow by no ordinary moments

Not all extracts are created equal

We only use the highest quality mushrooms and extraction

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UK Grown & Organic

Enjoy small-batch Organic UK-grown mushrooms, sustainably grown and free from pesticides.

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Back by Science 

We only use trusted, researched and proven mushrooms with benefits that will elevate your days.

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Dual Extraction

We extract both water-soluble polysaccharides and alcohol-soluble triterpenoids, to give you the full spectrum of benefits.

5 reasons why you'll love tinctures

1. Convenience 

Get your daily dose of medicinal mushrooms in one easy dropper.  

2. Upgrade your drinks

Add to whatever you're drinking without changing the taste or flavour. 

3. Full spectrum benefits

Each drop harnesses both water-soluble and alcohol-soluble compounds.

4. The perfect travel companion

Small and portable, fits into a pocket or rucksack. Take your tinctures wherever life takes you.

5. Naturally empowering 

Support your body and mind and feel the power of nature one drop at a time

I am driven by a simple philosophy "To leave things as they are, if not better."

The tinctures can be taken directly or easily added to anything

I love using Flow or Energy in the morning to start my day with a boost of energy, focus, and creativity.

I take Defend or Renew every day for my immunity and vitality. 

I take Chill to help me recover and unwind before bed.

Take them with you wherever you explore. Turn ordinary to extraordinary.

Kia Kaha,

Women drinking coffee with Chaga mushroom tincture

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Chill took me to deep sleep

Love chill Reishi tincture took it on holiday - deep sleeps easy & to take


Tastes great, super easy to get my daily dose and I take them when traveling with work. One full drop under the tongue in the morning with Lions Mane, I would say you don't notice it first go. But over the course of the month and you look back..WOW my focus and mental state is so much better than last month. Subtle changes, over time these are truly magic


I haven’t received this product yet. Where has it been delivered to


My partner and I take the Flow every day to help us focus and work. Can feel the difference the lion's mane is making.

Good way to get your mushroom

Enjoy taking this directly under my tongue most mornings bit of an alcoholic taste like most tinctures.


Super convenient! struggle with poweder, but these works great, take with water first thing and down the hatch! been struggling with artitus in my hands took cordyceps and it went now taking turkey tail and lions mane, amazing. The best quality i have found on the market place!

First time buyer

I found No Ordinary Moments on Amazon as I was looking for a protein shake that was soy, pea, dairy, gluten, sweetener free. The taste is amazing, so I went online to see if they had any other products. I ordered another protein powder, the decaf coffee and a renew tincture. I received 20% off a free bag and frother. When I opened the box it had a lovely personal written message, which i thought was a lovely touch, beautiful postcards and a sicker. I cannot recommend this company highly enough. Thank you Sarah xx


A real good boost for brain functioning

Love them all

I am a huge fan of these. I have them ALL!

Take them for all different things.

Flow - before work
Cordyceps - for the gym and my running
Chaga - when I feel like I might be getting sick
Reishi - after a stressful day
Turkey Tail - here and there for my general balance

Top stuff and easy to take

I swapped from taking the Dirtea lion's mane mushroom powders because these are much easier to take daily.

Just a few drops under my tongue - the taste is not the best but not the worst. I do recommend.