How should you take them, you ask?

Should I bake them, add to my smoothie o

FLOW with Lions Mane Mushroom Tinctures 

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) can make life feel like a never-ending rollercoaster ride, but 

Some days to-do list feels all too much. If you experience ADHD like I do. 

Have no fear, Lion's Mane Mushroom Tinctures are here!

These furry fungi are the perfect natural remedy to help you tame your inner lion and stay focused on the task at hand.

Say goodbye to scattered thoughts and hello to a more grounded you with Lion's Mane Mushroom Tinctures. Trust us, your brain will thank you.

I take FLOW first thing in the morning and I add to my morning coffee.  

To really feel in the zone I loop one song in the background. (Here is my current looping in the zone playlist.)

I decide one thing to work on.

Only when I have finished my one task I am aloud to move onto the next my task for the day. 

If you get distracted or start procrastinating, don’t freak out and downward spiral; just gently come back to your ONE to-do.

I find Lions Mane dramatically shifts the odds in my favour to help me focus on one thing at a time. 

DEFEND with Chaga Mushroom Tinctures 

Looking to give your immune system a little love? Look no further than Chaga Mushroom!

This super 'shroom is packed with antioxidants, immune-boosting properties.

Chaga Mushrooms let your inner fungus flourish.

Your body will thank you (and maybe even your coworkers will start calling you "Captain Chaga").

With Chaga's immune-boosting and antioxidant-rich properties, you'll be feeling like a superhero in no time.

My favourite way to take my Chaga Mushroom Tincture is directly under my tongue and leave it there for 30 seconds.

I normally take around 3/4pm. 

CHILL with Reishi Mushroom Tinctures 

Life got you feeling like a stressed-out hot mess?

Don't worry, Reishi Mushroom Tinctures are here to help you chill out and find your inner Zen.

These magical mushrooms have been used for centuries to reduce stress and anxiety, so why not give them a shot (literally!).

With Reishi Mushroom Tinctures, you'll be saying "adios" to those racing thoughts and "hello" to a more peaceful state of mind.

I take my Reishi mushrooms in the evening before bed. 

I add two full droplets in with my chamomile/rooibos tea when in bed.