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Are you curious about mushrooms? Adaptogens? Holistic health? The underground mycelium web?

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Lion's mane mushrooms

Lion's Mane

Energy • Focus • Calm

Lion's mane mushroom has been revered in Asian cuisine and Chinese medicine because of its cognitive benefits.

reishi mushrooms


Mood • Immunity • Calm

Reishi, the 'chill one' has supported well-being for over 2,000 years in China and Japan.

chaga mushrooms


Energy • Focus • Calm

A mushroom that grows mainly on birch trees in Northern Europe. Many hail Chaga for its fantastic protective health effects on the body.

cordyceps mushrooms


Energy • Exercise • Inflamation

An ally of athletes globally, they arrived on the global stage in the '93 Olympics games when Chinese runners who used them shattered track and field records.