What to expect from Javasu Instant Mushroom Coffee
What to expect from Javasu Instant Mushroom Coffee

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We created Javasu to be your smarter daily coffee. Think the best bits of coffee the energy, the focus, the flow without the crash the jitters or brain fog

So how does it deliver all of this? Let's dive in...

No More Jitters or Anxious Thoughts and Feelings

Mushrooms are magical, but you know what else is? Coffee + l-theanine. They are a power couple, better together than they are apart.

This duo not only ignites your focus and alertness but also creates a magical soothing balance.

How does the science work, you ask?

While caffeine provides a surge of energy and heightened alertness, l-theanine, a natural amino acid found in tea (particularly in green tea), promotes relaxation, reduces stress and clams the mind.

Together, they create a harmonious balance: of increased focus without the jittery side effects often associated with caffeine alone.

Don't thank us, thank the magic behind coffee + l-theanine.

No Afternoon Crash

Ever watched Dirty Dancing? You remember how Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey’s love for one another never really faded.

Unlike traditional coffee, Javasu doesn't either.

So if you ever wondered “where was the afternoon crash” with Javasu, let me explain why we skipped right over that feeling.

Along with L-theanine, Javasu has a magical mushroom called cordyceps, nature's endurance maestro.

Paired together, Javasu delicately escorts you down from the energy high, gracefully tapering off, leaving you with a gentle descent instead of a plummeting crash.

Increased Focus and Vitality

Lion's Mane takes centre stage in Javasu because, let's face it, this majestic fungi isn't just the king of the jungle – it's the monarch of mental clarity, the emperor of focus, and the wizard that magically turns brain fog into a puff of creative brilliance!

Scientifically proven to enhance cognitive function by promoting nerve growth factor (NGF) production, fostering neural health. You will be more productive and able to focus for longer.

Not only that, we added an antioxidant powerhouse: Chaga. For an immune system boost that turns your daily cup into a health-conscious, ensuring each sip is a sip towards well-being.