Visualisation vs Meditation: No Ordinary Moments hiking, mountains
Visualisation vs Meditation - A Subtle Difference We Could All Appreciate
Written by Sabah Kemp
15 March 2023

What is visualisation?

Visualisation is an active mental practice, which stimulates different areas of the brain to meditation. It's a bit like how weightlifting, versus running/walking/swimming will impact your body differently. This also applies to your brain. 

What is meditation?

Meditation on the other hand is a bit like a slow walk on the beach - but for your mind. It can balance your mind, calm your nervous system, and re-ground your energy. Visualisation however can reprogramme your mind and the way you approach your life. 

A subtle but interesting difference, right?

Visualisation works by getting your mind and body ready for what you want to happen – and, just like exercise, the more you do it, the stronger it becomes.

So, how can we all practise visualisation? 

  • Create images, environments, and feelings in your mind before they have happened 

  • Write or draw exactly what you want in detail, engaging all senses 

  • Imagine the emotional outcome 

  • Take action everyday toward your desired outcome 

  • Consider your visualisation and give it time and space to develop

So this week, alongside treating your mind and body well - think about slowly including visualisation, and see what happens.

I bet the results will surprise you! 

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