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The Benefits of Collagen

Posted by Rebecca Hurford on
The Benefits of Collagen

What is collagen? 

I’ve always heard people say, “collagen is great for the skin” and many other things, but until I researched the protein, I didn’t fully know how beneficial collagen is. Many people always hear, like me, how wholesome collagen is for the body, but not many know about the many advantageous effects the supplement has on our body.

An important thing to know about collagen is that it’s the most copious protein in the human body, which makes it even more important that we include collagen in our daily diet. One of the most beneficial things about collagen is that it has positive effects on our inner and outer body, making us feel healthier inside and making us look healthier outside.

Benefits of collagen:

Inner body:

Firstly, collagen relieves joint pain. From doing exercise and athletic training, I know how painful joint pain can be! The collagen peptides contribute to creating stronger tendons and ligaments for people doing exercise, therefore relieving the pain that exercise can sometimes create. A study has shown that adults take at least 2 grams of collagen a day, are able to relieve their joint pain and continue with exercise without any discomfort.

For those who are constant gym goers, you will be relieved to know that collagen can also improve muscle mass. Unfortunately, the older we get, the more that collagen in our body decreases. However, with collagen supplements containing amino acids, the body can revitalise and use the supplements to increase muscle mass.

Outer body:

Collagen is also great for our beauty, helping our skin glow and our nails healthy, which means whilst affecting our inner body confidence, it contributes to making us feel confident on the outer body as well. The proteins in collagen can stimulate hair and nail follicles which makes them grow healthily.

It also revitalises our skin. When we have a long day at work or looking after the kids, it’s hard not to feel stressed out and have that stress take a toll on our skin. Another positive thing about collagen, is that it also works as an anti-aging supplement and reduces wrinkles and skin dryness. 

Often Collagen products are made using animal products, which isn’t necessarily animal friendly or sustainable. Luckily, Plant Protein+ contains 100% plant-based collagen from 3 essential amino acids, meaning we can get our daily dose of collagen, that's completely vegan. Making our body feel great and strong!

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