Mushroom Tinctures UK: Which one is best? When to Use and How to Get the Most Out of Your Tincture
Mushroom Tinctures UK: Chaga, Lions Mane and When to Use

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Instead of a cold plunge, 60 minutes of meditation or attending a life seminar from Tony Robbins.

Our mushroom tinctures will wake you up from the moment you take them and help you win the day. 

Can't focus? Feeling overwhelmed and anxious? Or looking for an immune system that resembles Superman?

Whether you have picked our FLOW, DEFEND of CHILL mushroom tinctures. 

We got you covered.

Here is a break down of which one is best for you, when to use and how to get the most out of your mushroom tinctures. 

1. Make it obvious:

Lions Mane Mushroom Tincture

You will get the most benefits out of your tinctures if you use them daily.Where you place your tincture will help make that happen.
If you struggle to get rid of old habits.And want to instil healthy habits that stick over time.Here’s the secret…

You have to make the desired action obvious.The clearer the cue, the more effective the trigger will be for the desired behaviour.
For example, if you have chosen FLOW.
Place your tincture in an environment where you love to work and create.
This could be your office, studio, co-working space or laptop bag.
If you have DEFEND, keep your tincture where you will be during the day.
I like to keep mine in my car.
As I know, at some point during the afternoon, I will be there.
I see it, and I take it, and the habit is created.
For CHILL, I keep it in my bathroom as it helps me unwind.
When I get changed for bed, there it is. I can’t miss it.
You could put it by the side of your bed. Or better still…
What is the last action before you go to sleep?
You draw the curtains.
When looking to unwind before bed, there it is.
If you are looking to automate great decisions, whenever possible, design an environment that makes good decisions for you.

2. Make it easy:

I am going to open up and say, I have a bit of a problem.
I have a major sweet tooth.
If I have one piece of chocolate, it opens up the floodgates to all the chocolate in the house.
Then ice cream in the fridge.
So what is the one thing I do?
I make having the chocolate in the house less visible and appealing.
I will get my partner to hide it or remove it from the house entirely.
When you make bad habits hard and healthy habits easy.
Your life shifts in a whole new direction.Here are some more examples..
Hard: Gym membership 30 min drive away. No workout.
Easy: Kettlebell in bedroom = 5 min workout.
Hard: Meditation/ yoga class membership
Easy: Yoga matt in office = designated meditation and relaxation zone.
Hard: Laptop in bedroom = Binge watching Netflix till 2am.
Easy: Book by the side of the bed = Read 10 pages a day and get a great night’s sleep.



How to get the most out of your tinctures? Taking your tinctures daily.
When you look back over the course of the month, you’ll see what I mean.

Any further questions?
I am here for you.

Some other useful tips?