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Mushroom Coffee Side Effects - What to Look out for and is Mushroom Coffee Right for you?

Posted by Chris Baker on
Mushroom Coffee Side Effects - What to Look out for and is Mushroom Coffee Right for you?

Mushroom coffee is trending in the health food community. While this may seem like a good idea, mushrooms and coffee are not a good combination.

If you are currently healthy and not taking medication, then it may be safe to consume mushroom coffee. However, if you have even one of these conditions listed below, it may be best to avoid taking mushroom coffee. 


Nausea is also a common side effect of drinking mushroom coffee. The combination of caffeine and mushrooms can cause nausea when consumed in large amounts.

Upset stomach

Mushroom coffee can also cause nausea and stomach pain,  so if you experience these symptoms after drinking it, mushroom coffee may not be for you. 

Caffeine sensitivity

If you are sensitive to caffeine, it's probably best to avoid mushroom coffee that is caffeinated. There are many decaf mushroom coffees which may be more suited to you.

Mushroom coffee can cause jittery feelings and anxiety in some people because they're more sensitive to its effects than others; this may also lead to insomnia or headaches later on down the line when paired with an increased intake of mushroom coffee or other caffeinated beverages over time.

Liver issues

If you have experience any symptoms related to liver damage - again mushroom coffee may not be for you. 

Only consume mushroom coffee if you are healthy and not on medication.

If you're healthy and not on medication, mushroom coffee may be a wonderful option for you. However, if you have a health condition such as a weakened immune system or are pregnant or nursing, it's best to avoid mushroom coffee.


Most important of all, try and test it for yourself. Mushroom coffee won't be for everyone, so it is important to find that answer for yourself. 

The benefits of mushroom coffee for the right people can be outstanding. Check out more from our blog to discover the benefits of mushroom coffee. 

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