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Moksha The New Mushroom Coffee Launches in The UK with Lion's Mane, Chaga, Reishi and More

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Tired of the afternoon crash?

Experience the jitters, anxiety and overwhelm that traditional coffee can give you?

Do you feel roller coaster waves in energy throughout the day? 

This is the story of Moksha and how it came to be. 

We hope you all enjoy, 

With love from the No Ordinary Moments team Xx

What is Moksha

Moksha is a delicious caffeine-free coffee alternative. Filled with mushrooms, adaptogens and anti-inflammatory superfoods for natural calming energy, focus without the jitters, sleepless and crash from caffeine. Filled with 1250 mg of mushrooms, adaptogens and anti-inflammatory superfoods.

What makes Moksha so different from every other coffee? 

The main difference is Moksha has no caffeine. You get all the energy from the medicinal mushrooms and adaptogens instead. The energy you get from Moksha is a lot lighter, not as intense, jumpy or racy with no crash afterwards. 

In each serving there is around 1250mg of mushrooms and adaptogens. It also has some amazing anti-inflammatory ingredients like turmeric and cinnamon. Along with maca and cacao for mood enhancements.  

Moksha is also vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto, non-GMO and has no caffeine, no sugar, no sweeteners or artificial flavours. 

What are the benefits of drinking Moksha opposed to a latte/ flat white/ cappuccino?

In your cup of Moksha you have got a blend of decaf arabica coffee and chai spices for taste. Lion's mane for focus, reishi and chaga for your immune system and inner calm. Cordyceps, maca and cacao for mood and natural energy and turmeric for inflammation. With pure vanilla for a creamy finish.

If we can say so ourselves it tastes like a delicious latte with all the benefits of what's inside!

Where does the name come from? 

 Moksha is from the ancient Sanskrit language meaning spiritual freedom and liberation. We liked this name as we thought it complimented peoples addiction to caffeine. 

How did Moksha come to be?

I was working at a food trade show in London, and I must have had about four cups of coffee before midday. It was then I realised the feeling I had been trying to let go of for the last couple of years. I love everything about coffee. The smell, the culture and the creativity of the coffee shops. 

For 10+ years I have had two to three cups of coffee every day, it has  been an unshakable part of my daily routine. 

I believed my coffee habit was improving my energy, focus and productivity. What I started to notice was a slightly on edge, anxious jittery, overwhelming feeling each day and it was just getting worse and worse and so was my sleep. 

Everyone was drinking coffee and I thought it was the norm. I never once assumed that coffee was the problem. I thought coffee was my best friend, the thing that gave me energy and made me productive, but I started to notice it was doing the opposite.  

I wanted to create a coffee based drink, with no caffeine or sugar. I wanted it to be vegan, paleo and keto-friendly so that I could drink every day. It would give me energy and help me focus without the jittery, anxious emotions and sleepless nights from coffee.  

In the last 10+ years, out of all the activities I have tried to help find happiness and an inner calm, coming off caffeine has had the most impact. 

After years of experimentation - Moksha was born. 

What is the story of the brand 'No Ordinary Moments'? What inspired Chris to create the brand originally? 

Having experimented with lots of diets for the last 10+ years from keto, vegan, vegetarian, to only consuming meat, competing in an IronMan entirely on cashew butter and spending tens of thousands in the supplement market- I was still finding my body feeling inflamed and my mind feeling anxious. 

It was when I came off caffeine and inflammatory-based foods such as wheat, dairy, grains and legumes I started to notice a real difference in my day to day performance and happiness. 

No Ordinary Moments was created to help people find a happier mind and body so you can do the things you love each day.  

Having experienced anxiety, mild depression and inflammation, I wanted to get to the bottom of my own difficulties. It was only when I started to look at my food nutrition choices a lot of these emotions started to clear up. 

About the design/ artwork?

In 2019 I ran in Marathon Du Medoc, one of the more relaxed marathons, running through the vineyards of Bordeaux where you stop off at a chateau for a glass of wine and dance with a live band at every mile. 

I was staying in this beautiful old chateau and it was filled with the most breath-taking artwork I have ever seen. 

Having worked with Banksy as an art broker for 6+ years before I started No Ordinary Moments, I always wanted to implement my love for artwork into the brand. 

I contacted the artist straight away saying how much I loved his work. We both hit it off and he was ever so kind to let me use his artwork as part of the brand. I believe we come across people for a reason and I am incredibly lucky that the stars aligned with him. 

Everyone who sees and holds our product is blown away by his artwork. Many leave it in their kitchen on full display like an original painting. 

QUOTES from our customer who have tried Moksha 

“Moksha is pretty much the best substitute for coffee that you can ultimately get." Leanne Fox, Nurse & Physician, UK. 

"The more I learn about the mental benefits and physical benefits of mushrooms, the more I appreciate my daily Moksha” Michelle Deakin, Senior Doctor at Oxford Hospital John Radcliffe, UK. 

“Went from drinking coffee all day, to one mug of Moksha.” Jon Clayton, Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Fitness, UK.