moksha caffeine free mushroom coffee in a red mug
Experience Limitless Energy with Moksha - The Daily Adaptogenic Beverage

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I drank 2 or 3 coffees a day and loved it.

It became an unshakable part of my routine.

I believed my coffee habit was improving my energy, focus and productivity.

However, I didn't understand why I often felt anxious, jittery, overwhelmed and lacked energy.

I never made the connection that my traditional coffee was amplifying my internal struggles.

I was living in my head and far from the present moment.

I set upon a journey to create my own drink.

A daily beverage, that would help me do the things I love and perform at my best (meditate, create, write and exercise).

I wanted a drink to 

  • Improve my physical stamina and performance
  • Improve my mental capacity and function
  • Improve my immunity and overall health
  • Improve my focus, creative and number of ideas

So I started to create just that...Moksha a decaf mushroom coffee alternative. 

Years of testing different ingredients and recipes. Trying to find out the best combination for results, flavour and taste. 

I wanted my daily drink to be so much more than coffee. I added some of the following..

  • Lion's Mane for mental performance)
  • Cordyceps for physical performance
  • Reishi for recovery and immunity
  • Chaga for overall health
  • Turmeric for inflammation
  • Cacao and maca for mood

During the recipe developments I also needed a name. 

One afternoon drinking this exact recipe, the name Moksha came into my mind. 

Moksha means to be limitless. 

It was the most beautiful name and very fitting for the vision of the drink I wished to create. 

Moksha was born..

Moksha contains..

- 1250mg of adaptogens 

Get all your energy from our powerful five adaptogen blend

- It tastes amazing

Like a combination of a cappuccino, chai latte and mocha

- It is naturally empowering  

18 powerful ethically sourced researched ingredients with no nasties. 

Quick Versatile and Easy to Make 

Drink Moksha with me and feel the difference!