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5 Tips for Living in the Moment

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5 Tips for living in the moment:

We all like to look forward to the future and plan for fun times ahead, but sometimes it is important to enjoy the present and indulge in the moment. Here are 5 helpful tips on being present.

1.Switch off

In a world full of technology, occasionally it is important to switch off and focus on the now. Sometimes it's easy to get distracted by notifications, turning off your phone and having some ‘me’ time is perfect to be present. 

2. Meditate

Mindful meditation is a great form of meditation that allows us to be aware of who and where we are, it enables us to use our senses and be aware of the noises, smells and everything around us and discover how we feel. Try listening to our free live Sound Baths!

3. Smile

Although it sounds cliché, thinking of something we can feel grateful for, makes us appreciate what we have in that moment. Smiling is an act our body performs when we are happy, therefore if we smile it makes us feel happy. A study has also shown that smiling can reduce stress and make us feel more positive.

4. Ackowledge your surroundings

We don’t do this enough. Each day take a moment to take in everything, where you are, the sounds you can hear, what you can smell or the foods arounds you, if you feel hot or cold. By completely emerging ourselves and taking a mental note, we can use our senses and  truly experience a moment without worry.

5. Don't live in the past

Sometimes it is easy to dwell on the past but living in the past can stop you from focusing on the future or the present. Rather than worrying about yesterday, try to think about a positive of today and use that to focus on and fuel your happiness.

Doing these 5 things, even for 5 minutes a day, should help you live a happier and healthier life! 

“Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today” - Will Rogers