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Hypnos Bulk Bundle


    Sleepy Time Cacao Latte

    Unwind, relax and drift off into a deep sleep

    Hypnos is a luxurious, caffeine-free evening latte with ceremonial cacao, natural relaxants, sleepy botanicals and adaptogens.

    Designed to help quiet the mind, calm the body, and make it easier to fall asleep.

  • 22 servings
  • 150g bag
  • Tastes like hot chocolate
  • No sugar, sweeteners or flavourings
  • 60 servings
  • 80mg of caffeine per cup
  • Only 0 calories per serving
  • No sugar, sweeteners or flavourings

- As seen in -

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No sweetener hand drawn icon

No Sugar or Sweeteners

Paleo  hand drawn icon

Vital Minerals & Amino Acids

Reishi mushroom  hand drawn icon

Sleepy Extracts & Adaptogens

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Your new evening ritual

Relax and unwind effortlessly with a chocolate evening latte, fusing 8 essential ingredients for deeper, rejuvenating sleep.

- No more sleepless nights

Drift effortlessly into deep, uninterrupted rest

- Backed by science

Inspired by Andrew Huberman’s sleep cocktail.

- Sweet Satisfaction

A delicious low-calorie guilt-free treat

- Wake up feeling rested

Increase deep and REM sleep, wake up feeling bright

Women painting with a packet of moksha in the background
Cup of moksha on a wooden background with spoon

Your new evening ritual 

We love coffee, but hate the side effects. We've elevated the best bits of coffee and added natures finest to balance out the negatives.

Unlock a harmonious blend of mental clarity, creativity, and productivity whilst balancing out the stimulating effects and crash.

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Hints of turmeric, cinnamon and vanilla. Like a combination of cappuccino, chai latte and mocha - without any mushroom taste.

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Real coffee taste

Moksha latte mushroom coffee
Javasu vs coffee

Sleepy ingredients chosen to help you unwind.

Science backed adaptogens, amino acids and botanicals with no added flavourings, sweeteners or nasties.


Mood and relaxation

Glycine & Cinnamon

Sleep quality


Reduce stress


Reduce anxiety

Passion Flower

Deep REM

Chamomile & Magnesium

Transition to sleep

Benefits of better sleep:

Improved memory

Immune boost

Reduced stress

Improved mood

Increased energy

Enhanced focus

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One for the sleepers

"I love this drink before bed. I’ve felt much more balanced since I started drinking this"
-Jackie Leadley



Tomorrow starts the night before.

Life can feel like a whirlwind.

As night comes, everyone needs a moment for themselves.

Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen to help your nights be as productive as your days.

Sleep is your superpower, let Hypnos take you there.

"The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night sleep." - Mathew Walker

HYPNOS BED.webp__PID:115bce66-a692-4ca9-b4dc-1827b793a7bb

Tomorrow starts the night before. Life can feel like a whirlwind.

As night comes, everyone needs a moment for themselves.

Each ingredient has been meticulously chosen to help your nights be as productive as your days.

Sleep is your superpower, let Hypnos take you there

."The best bridge between despair and hope is a good night sleep."
- Mathew Walker

Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Holly S.
Review of Sleep Hot Chocolate for Menopause and Sleep Aid

As someone navigating the challenging waters of menopause, I've been on the lookout for natural remedies to help alleviate some of the symptoms, particularly those affecting sleep. Recently, I came across Hypnos on Instagram, After trying it for a few weeks, I am happy to share my experience.

Taste and Enjoyment
First and foremost, the taste of the Sleep Hot Chocolate is delightful. It's rich, creamy, and has the comforting flavor of traditional hot chocolate, which makes it a treat to look forward to at the end of the day. The act of drinking a warm beverage itself is soothing, but this particular blend adds an extra layer of comfort.

Ingredients and Benefits
The product boasts a mix of natural ingredients known for their sleep-inducing and menopausal symptom-relieving properties. Key ingredients include:

Cocoa: Known for its rich antioxidant content, cocoa is also believed to help improve mood by boosting serotonin levels. It can be used a stimulant but also it actually relaxes the body and muscles, which can really help before bed.
Magnesium: This mineral is crucial for muscle relaxation and overall relaxation, helping to reduce anxiety and improve sleep quality.
Chamomile - they said they use apigen. .
Reishi; Often used as a natural remedy for sleep disorders, it aids in falling asleep faster and enjoying deeper sleep.
These ingredients work together to create a holistic approach to sleep and menopause relief.

After a few nights of incorporating Hypnos Hot Chocolate into my bedtime routine, I noticed a significant improvement in my sleep quality. Falling asleep became easier, and I experienced fewer nighttime awakenings. The calming effects of the drink seem to help settle my mind, reducing the anxiety and restlessness that often accompany menopause. Also really vivid dreams!

Additionally, I observed a reduction in night sweats and hot flashes, which can be particularly disruptive to sleep. The blend of ingredients appears to not only promote better sleep but also directly address some of the hormonal imbalances associated with menopause.

The product is incredibly easy to prepare. Simply mix a scoop of the powder with hot water or milk (I prefer oatmilk for a creamier texture), the frother is great ( i signed up for their subscription) and it's ready to drink. This convenience makes it a hassle-free addition to my nightly routine. It is also very natural taste, no sweeteners ( personally hate stevia) and why do you want sugar before bed!) So this was a big tick for me

Overall, this sleep Hot Chocolate Hypnos has been a game-changer for me. It's a delicious, natural way to improve sleep quality and manage menopausal symptoms. The thoughtful blend of ingredients caters specifically to the needs of women going through menopause, making it a unique and effective solution. If you're struggling with sleep disturbances and other menopausal challenges, I highly recommend giving this Sleep Hot Chocolate a try. It's a small nightly indulgence that can make a big difference in your overall well-being.

Delicious drink and it works

I love the flavour, and it really does make me relaxed in the evening and ready for sleep!!

Sleeping Success

get into bed, toss and turn untill 1am not until now. Been enjoying this scrumptious post dinner treat and i am actually falling alseep!
one big scoop, oat milk, v nice indeed

Every night

Hypnos has become a night time stable for us!

We have it every night without fail. It's nice to have something warming to drink before being instead of an alcoholic.

We don't have too much trouble sleeping, but we notice the difference with Hypnos, especially when we wake up feeling energised.

And the chocolate taste is so lovely, and we like to sprinkle a little extra cacao on top :)

Fab drink

I was so excited to try this when it came out and it does not disappoint.

The flavour is delicious and rich, and reminds me of a proper hot chocolate. I missed it loads when it was out of stock :(

It's a nice treat to start my night time ritual.

I'm totally hooked and subscribed!!

My Hypnos Hot Chocolate

Let me start by saying that I'm not one to easily fall asleep. Countless nights of tossing and turning left me desperate for a solution. Then, I stumbled upon Hypnos hot chocolate. Skeptical at first, I gave it a try one fateful evening. From the moment the warm, comforting aroma reached my nose, I knew I was onto something special. The first sip was like a gentle whisper, coaxing my mind into a state of relaxation I hadn't experienced in ages. As I savored each chocolatey mouthful, I could feel the tension melting away, replaced by a sense of calm I hadn't felt in years. And then, before I knew it, I was drifting off into the most restful sleep I'd had in ages. Since that night, Hypnos has become an essential part of my bedtime routine. It's not just a beverage – it's my ticket to a night of uninterrupted, blissful sleep. If you're struggling to find rest, I highly recommend giving Hypnos a try. You won't regret it.

My best friend

The past month this has been my best friend. Saves me so many hours a night. It actually works unlike many out there. No more bags, no more look like SH*T, sleep helps everything. try this I promise it helps!


This is really a comforting nighttime ritual that calms me and provides a sweet, healthy treat. I usually get really good sleep afterwards as well.

I am on my 2nd bag and will continue to keep this going :)

10/10 this has really helped me

Terrible sleeper, tried everything. This has definitely helped me. I would say more than anything I just wake up feeling way more energized. I make with oatmilk and take 7g as recommended about 2 hours before bed.


Not really expecting it to work and have been looking for one without sweetener, sugar or stevia! However I was impressed by the VERY clean ingredients and actually tastes great straight up (no honey needed). To my surprise, after a short while drinking Hypnos, I was finally getting a full night's sleep and feeling so much better for it. Just give it a try, you will be amazed, this actually works.

Customer Reviews

Based on 32 reviews
yeaahh boi!

This stuff actually works unreal focus!

Almudena G.
Elevating buying and consuming coffee to new highs

This company knows what conscious customers seek. Every detail elevates the experience, and the coffee is not just delicious, but has me on a steady and focus flow all day.

Javasu Coffee - A Morning Ritual Reinvented

As a self-proclaimed coffee aficionado, I've always prided myself on my morning brew. That is, until I discovered Javasu. Intrigued by the promise of a coffee alternative, I decided to give it a shot, albeit with some skepticism. From the first sip, I was hooked. The robust flavor and rich aroma were reminiscent of my favorite cup of joe, yet there was something different – something deeper. It wasn't just about the caffeine kick; it was about the experience. With Javasu, I found myself savoring each sip, taking a moment to truly appreciate the intricate blend of flavors. And the best part? No jitters, no crash – just a steady stream of focused energy that carried me through the morning without fail. Javasu has become more than just a beverage; it's a ritual. If you're looking to elevate your morning routine, I can't recommend Javasu enough. The effects of the Lion's mane and chaga with the combination of L-theanine are very noticeable Trust me, it's a game-changer.

Great stuff

I love this mushroom coffee. It’s expensive, but well worth it! I'm doing the subscription so I don't run out.

I feel much more balanced and less jittery.

Ive turned superhuman

I've never felt this level of mental clarity, laser focus, and sustained energy in all my years. I am a subscriber for life and I even bring it to work!


I started off with Moksha, which I love! But now I have gone all in with this company and got Javasu and Hypnos. I have got to say they have been revolutionary to my health, mood, happiness, energy and sleep. Javasu gives me a great lift without the jitters; I feel super smooth and calm energy throughout the day. Its awesome!

100% this

It has been amazing, I feel more energetic, and my immune system seems to have been given a nice boost.

And I never thought I would say this, but it actually tastes better than real coffee!

Gets me going

I have a cup every morning! Love it

Great energy

lovely flavour, bought Hypnos as well

Taylor B.
Best mushroom coffee

Clean, no hidden ingreidients, just the best, bought them all, big fan